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olebomb welcomes all intrepid gentlemen and lady clackers.

Settle yourself into the buffed leather upholstered chair, puff thoughtfully on your cigar and reach for the pointing device of your personal difference engine...

This is a collection of digital bric a brac loosely grouped around various bands and irrelevant nonsense. Inside Molebomb you'll find information on old bands such as the Incredible Tractors, Lepton shoddy, Blunge and Wizards of Mass Distraction.

Sustainable Wales are organising a special Porthcawl Town Centre
Jamboree on Saturday 28th March

Head over to Peter Morgan Photo for many of my favourite photographs in high resolution, enabling prints to be ordered. From people to landscapes, city to shoreline, based in Wales. Here’s an example gallery of landscape pictures from the coastline of Wales:
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