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Porthcawl Town Centre Jamboree on Saturday 28th March

Sustainable Wales are organising a special Porthcawl Town Centre Jamboree on Saturday 28th March

Christmas Fundraising Feast

Sustainable Wales Festive Christmas Feast
12 December 2014, Olive Tree Restaurant, Pyle CF33 6BJ

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MINI FESTIVAL at Stage Door 26th Oct part of Splashup 2013 Porthcawl

The Green Room is creating a mini-festival as part of the popular SplashUp watersports, arts and music event in Porthcawl. Our theme  - climate change. Venue: The Stage Door, Grand Pavilion.
A diverse range of events are planned with the first perfomance at noon. From music and poetry to open mic, films and multi media performance you shouldn’t miss this mini festival!
SUSSED will have a stall selling homemade cakes, fairtrade goodies, gifts, bags and crafts and there be Queenie Queenie’s surf clothes, bags and funky things stall for you to visit. Stalls are open from 10.30am.
The Stage Door coffee and bar will also be open from 12 noon.

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The Commune Returns! July 6 Porthcawl
Confirmed so far: the infamous S.E.X., Nick Ward, Badlands, Rebecca Hurn, Peter Morgan (electronica), Jordan Marks, and more to follow!
From the mellow acoustics of up-and-coming Porthcawl-local, Rebecca Hurn, and the new-wave-inspired Nick Ward, the evening is sure to inspire, intrigue and entertain. Bridgend’s most exciting rock band, S.E.X., will headline; keeping the flame of 80’s glam alive right here in Porthcawl. More acts to be confirmed. S.E.X.’s front man, Phil Jones, is happy to support the cause, but also joked, “it’s difficult fronting a glam-rock band, especially when, I, the band’s most senior member [by 30 years], is the only slightly glamorous one”. In the meantime, here’s a draft of the poster for the Commune Summer Event 2013…
Please join the
events page on facebook it helps us guage the numbers attending.
Tickets are £5 in advance from
SUSSED (£7 on door).
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Debate on Alchemy at the Green Room

Kris Evans, a writer from Kenfig, will lead a debate on Alchemy at the Green Room (4-5 James Street [above SUSSED], on Friday May 3rd, at 8pm). Kris is currently working on his first collection of poems,’The Nomad’s Garden.
Kris’ words:
Many of us think of the alchemists as primitive scientists, or even charlatans, vainly attempting in their ramshackle labs to transmute lead into gold, or simply empty the pockets of credulous patrons. While this was certainly true for some, it is not the whole picture. At its peak in the 17thC alchemy was the practical application of the principles of the legendary Hermetic philosophy. Applying themselves to the processes of “The Great Work,” the alchemists attempted to transform the “lead” of routine consciousness, into the “gold” of an illuminated consciousness capable of perceiving and aligning itself with the living presence of the divine in the world. As William Blake put it in his now famous phrase “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite.” This “Great Work” has had a profound impact, especially in the arts, influencing Shakespeare, Dante, Milton, and Newton at its height, and closer to our own times, W.B. Yeats, Pablo Picasso, the Surrealists, and Ted Hughes, to name just a few. But alchemy is now largely forgotten, replaced by the new rationalist Science more familiar to us today: objective, realist, materialist and of more immediate use to society. In the talk, I’ll look at the causes and the consequences of the rejection of alchemy, and look closely at its claims and processes and influences and ask what insight it might offer us in this time of global turmoil. After all, we have created a world where pollution is profitable, mass extinctions of species are unavoidable, ancient rainforests are destroyed to grow cattle feed and billions are spent on resource wars by rich countries awash in apathy while millions go hungry. Something has gone badly wrong. We stand at the precipice. Did we take the wrong path?