Music Related Links

These are mainly related to music instruments, recording, composing or technology, yes, the geekier side of things generally.
  • SoundSnap a sample sharing site - thousands of good audio samples of every type for use with applications like Ableton Live, Logic etc. Sort of a flickr for loops. Worth exploring and sharing your own loops.
  • SoundCloud, a well designed, free music file hosting and sharing service, rather smooth and good. Limited to five uploads a month (no size limits) on free account. Can be used to share files between musicians collaborating on a project. Now linked with Getty to license your music.
  • The Freesound Project is a collaborative database of Creative Commons licensed sounds. These can be used with podcasts, your non commercial videos etc
  • Store and share your projects for free online: can sync multiple computers or provide a space to store and share your files: for Linux Windows or Macs with 2gb of free online storage, works really easily and smoothly. Ideal as a simple back up solution for one or more computers. Check out the tour of Dropbox. Similar solutions with free storage are also available from Microsoft Mesh (5gb free Macs and Windows) and Mozy which also provides 2gb free (Mac and Windows) If you register using my personal link, below, we both receive more free space (above the usual 2gb)
  • MacIdol was created to allow Garageband users to share their music, it has grown into a busy community for Mac using musicians. 3gb of space for songs and images etc. Active forums and services to allow you to sell your music, or contribute to the pool of creative commons music hosted on the site (this is music with fewer copyright restrictions so it can be used by others for personal use). Panzerknacker's MacIdol page:
  • Create music videos from your photos here:
  • Studiotoolz - hundreds of free Mac music and audio applications

  • Logic Pro Studio DAW