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Some of my favourite Macintosh/Multi Platform software:
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Journler - great software now open sourced, use it as a diary, or as a note taking repository or a digital scrap book as a place to hold all those little notes and cuttings etc. Great integration with iLife apps. Lots of depth to the application plenty of features and ways of getting the information into Journler. Very useful as a central repository for key information, give it a try...

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Dropbox I've been using this service for years; it's an excellent sync and back up solution - stores your files encrypted on Amazon's S3 servers. Dropbox works across Macs, Windows and Linux. Dropbox has had rave reviews, I've not had a single glitch with it syncing about 6.3gb of files across two macs.

Dropbox creates a folder on your PC and can be used to 
- sync files across several machines
- access your files via the website
- storage for back up files
- share large files to other people
- set up shared access for several people to a folder or files
- host image galleries
- compatible with Truecrypt containers etc.
- all files remain on your PC/s as well of course
- it actually works, unlike many of these things

Also dropbox has
a decent versioning system so if you change or delete a file you can look back at previous saves and restore previous versions. The developers are helpful and very active in releasing new versions, check the forum for the latest experimental builds of Dropbox. 

2gb storage is free.
If you register now using my personal link, below, we both receive more free space on Dropbox (above the usual 2gb)

SuperDuper! Daft name, good software. Make a back up now! Works alongside Time Machine, creates a clone of your main hard drive - a bootable back up of your entire system. Trial / free version available which will clone your drive but doesn’t have the smart back up option. Incredibly easy to use, reliable and has features like scheduling and more advanced features like sandboxing to allow you to test applications and software updates before applying them to your main hard drive (useful for those relying on their Mac for work) - A free alternative is Carbon Copy Cloner, which relies on donations from users.
Bombich Software: Carbon Copy Cloner

Rapidweaver. This site is built using Realmac's Rapidweaver... remarkably powerful for such an easy to use application, now at version 4, with many plugins from third party suppliers available. v4.2 released in November 2008 adds a few features and increases reliability, although I’ve rarely had a problem with Rapidweaver. Bridges the gap between iWeb and a more complex web page design application like Dreamweaver which is probably too steep a learning curve for a smaller site. Definitely worth checking out.

Pathfinder by Cocoatech. The Apple finder works, but is rather basic. Pathfinder is a mature and reliable finder replacement which has a huge number of functions and is fully configurable. Many functions of other utilities are built in to Pathfinder. Version five has been released in Autumn 2008 which adds features and improves the interface design. One key feature of Pathfinder is it uses a drop shelf to help move or copy files around. Definitely worth trying out the 30 day free trial t see if you like it, give it a while to test all the features and to get used to the slightly different interface.
Path Finder 5 by Cocoatech

The original application that allows you to type a shortcut and the app fills the rest of the sentence, signature, address or clipping etc. out for you. Your predefined clipping can be text or a picture. "[TypeIt4Me is] a long running, Mac friendly, well-supported utility. Still the best -- Quickeys and
Oneclick and the others may do other things, but they just don't do text replacement as well and eas-
ily." Stephen Fry.

Art text by beLight. Art Text can create an enormous range of styles centred around manipulating fonts. This powerful application can be used to create mastheads, logos and 3D effects for print and screen based designs. The Molebomb name logo on this site was created using Art Text. The latest version has a revamped interface with layers support and many more options. If you like typography and designing new effects, then Art Text is worth trying out. The application integrates with beLights other software such as CD Cover a CD label design package. All the usual graphic file output formats and PDF are available.
Art Text - Mac software to create headings, web graphics, buttons ...

Comic Life by Plasq.
There are two versions available the first Comic Life version was bundled with Macs and serves as a good introduction to Plasq’s style and the basic functions of this software. Te more recent Magiq version has had a complete interface overhaul and offers many more features. Note that Comic Life is not only for creating comics and cartoons from your images but serves as a good picture editor and compositional tool in general. - Main >


Currently a free beta; worth a look. Grab images edit them, annotate and post them/share them very quickly, great interface from Plasq (the Comic Life people) logo. Realmac the makers of Rapidweaver have their own equivalent of Skitch in beta at present.
My Skitch page

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