Q: Who/what is Eric the Mole?
A: The title of a song written by Kevin Beaverstock and Peter Morgan many years ago. Based around a sample loop of some obscure short wave radio station ident jingle that was idiotic and strangely catchy. Eric the Mole can be downloaded
here. Moles are a recurring theme since this song; Music for moles compilation tape picture.

Q: The text is slightly small on this site how do I change it?
A: At Molebomb the text you see can be adjusted to be larger or smaller by your browser. Most browsers have a command for this: in Safari it's command (Apple key) and + or - key, in Firefox it's control key and + or -, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has a menu item called Text size in the View menu.

Q: Can I use some images or music I find on this site?
A: For non commercial use please simply attribute the music or images and provide a link to Molebomb.com, for commercial use, please
contact us to discuss.

Q: What’s the Molebomb iPhone icon all about?
A: That’s Rikki van Ronkle, Superstar DJ. To see the icon save the home page of molebomb onto your iPhone home page when viewing in Safari.

A widget for Apple Mac Dashboard is available which displays the latest news posts at Molebomb. You can grab it from the
downloads page (freeware, because you're special).

Apple Quicktime plug in for your browser is recommended to view the Kinematograph pages. You can obtain Quicktime through either a link that is displayed in your browser when visiting those pages or from the
Apple Quicktime Download page

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