Various tracks from the vaults. Recent additions are at base of the page...
Demo rough mix, slightly sinister, quick.
Ra:in smooth version
Another Ra:in song with Jonny Hudson on vocals
Ra:in more guitar orientated slickness with Jonny Hudson on vocals
Richard and David (Cardboard) groove on
The classic Cardboard track (RT and DMcC)
Another long song from Cardboard, 10mb
From the album Peanut Envy rather Spacemen 3
Another Rhinoceros track, somewhat gloomy as ever.
Short track from 1985 extreme guitars
Curious song from 43 Bloody Weedy Pooftas
Notorious eighties poodle rock from SyandAde.
Moves through loads of different styles, experimenting with Garageband
A mad, short, snippet of a thing. Complete with the Mac on vocals.
A short test of a new synth set up - analog emulations 192Kbps
Infamous Syanade song from 1987, remastered. AAC 8.3Mb
Video: A small video of the song Boomerang by dEke
Test of Sansamp and Maxon pedal