Incredible Tractors the Archive... almost all of the rehearsal and live tapes have been converted to MP3s. Be warned. Recent additions are at the base of the page.
Live at the Pier 10 Aug 1987. Fast forward forward to Trecco Killer is my advice.
Incredible Tractors in full gloom mode
Incredible Tractors apply the monster from the Id, old version.
Incredible Tractors Twenty odd years ago.
Live at the Apalling 1989
Entire gig part one Live at the Apollo 36.5Mb 112kbps
Entire gig Live at the Apollo Part Two 27.4Mb 112kbps.
First half of the Pier gig 37Mb
Second half of a gig at the Pier Hotel, Porthcawl in 1989 37.3Mb
1987 Gig (Queens), 44min 112kbps
1987 Gig (Queens) second half 27min 112kbps
A new (yes new) mix of the original Wearing Away song 192kbps MP3 6.6Mb
Another more sane re-mastering of Wearing Away. 192 kbps 6.7Mb MP3
Remastered version of New Year's Revelation. 128kbps mp3
New remastered version but in higher quality 192Kbps AAC .M4a format (for iTunes and other players etc.) 11.9Mb
The droning thing completely remastered in drone-o-sound High bitrate AAC file suitable for iTunes etc.
Another mix rather wide stereo, based on the original master tracks (as if that matters) 160kbps MP3
Remastered 2008, Apple Lossless version of the 1985 odd song 25.3mb
1985 remastered in a smaller version MP3 256kbps
By Jonny Hudson. Video with a Tractors Remix mash up audio track. Giant robot, sinister. AVI 55.8mb