These are some regular and different versions of Panzerknacker songs. You can also listen to various Panzerknacker songs and download them using the Reverbnation player. Newer files are at the base of the page.
First rather odd mix. Sort of Euro death disco.
Jeez talk about drab.
An early mix
An older track another curious one
Early track up tempo doodle, David on e-bow
First mix without guitars
Early mix without vocals
Out-take - mucking about. Short clip.
Walkthrough pigboy, with guitar tracks
Spatula with vocals and a slightly less compressed mix 128Kbps
A version recorded at 256Kbps AAc format for better quality (play in iTunes or similar) 6Mb .m4a
Short clip of a jam, 70s moog style keyboards and David on Bass Guitar (AAC format for iTunes)
Short, faster, better. Well it's a remix, 224kbps AAC file. New drums etc.
Added some new stuff, new guitar parts etc. High quality AAC 224kbps file.
iTunes AAC High quality 256kbps 2008 remix
128kbps MP3 smaller version of the 2008 remix
Way too loud mix July 08, new drums etc AAC 224kbps (iTunes)
Finalised mix new drums, shorter, AAC 224kbps (iTunes high quality format)
Finalised mix in MP3 format (160kbps 4.7mb) smaller download July 08
Early instrumental verison 192kbps MP3 Sept 2008
2008 video for this doomfest. Requires Quicktime to play, mp4 34mb.
2009 remix 192kbps MP3 7mB