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Rikki Van Ronkle, Shuper Shtar DJ

Birth of A Shuper Shtar

Biography - some of what's happened so far

The Story behind Rikki from his Manager. (Who spells his name Riki).

Some Riki backstory: Riki is 40 with two ex-wives, both porn stars/strippers. First wife, 80s pornstar Knancy Knockwerst from Hamburg (he met her on a beatles pilgrimage) and Marina Van Der Fluffer (contemporary video/internet porn queen from Holland). Riki is currently shingle but is GROUPIE FRIENDLY, a fact he stresses at every gig. Riki's goal is to date a legitimate celeb and bought a book entitled "How to chat up celebrities". Riki's advice is "Don't bother buying the book, lads, as I've tried it out on everyone from KD Lang to Anna the nun off Big Brother, and it doesn't f*ck*ng work!" Riki launched the still running 'Riki's Shoft Rockit' on Amsterdam's RockOrange Radio 20 years ago.

He is a legend in most of continental Europe (exceptions - Britain, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy), and his ambition is to establish himself in the UK before he goes bald. For roadshows, Riki's assistant/techie is 'Shmurf' - so named because of his ever-present white cap and the fact that Riki discovered him sleeping rough on his doorstep a few years back where it was so cold his skin had turned blue. Shmurf has a thing for contemporary dance music which he keeps hidden from Riki as he knows he wouldn't understand. In fact, in the past, Riki has beaten Shmurf during gigs for playing Der Prodigy during Riki-breaks.

Black marks against Riki are - (i) he enjoys cocaine (for recreational and professional use only), and (ii) the notorious Berlin Wall incident. A decade ago Riki was at a function with celebrity best pals, the two Rudis (Schenker and Voller). That same night, protestors started knocking down The Wall and the three celebs just had to be a part of the historic occassion. The trio soon found themselves being interviewed by news crews atop the wall, overlooking thousands of ecstatic Berliners. In a symbolic jesture, Riki broke free a breeze block and threw it into the crowd, killing an East Berlin bloke on his first night of freedom - All caught on live TV. In the spirit of good will, Riki was aquited of manslaughter, and as he commented during the trial "the most tragic irony was that the victim was actually a builder, and he'd left his hard-hat in his trabant. If only ..."


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