Incredible Tractors

The original descriptions from the old 1999 Massive Bureau of Everything site. A brief description of some of the culprits formerly known as The Incredible Tractors:
mccormack Dave McCormack - Bic Mac Trac. grumpy Dave, with his cynical hair and bronzed good looks helped cement the Tractor sound in the back teeth of the audience. Often using a Yamaha electro acoustic guitar to successfully recreate the sound of a fully loaded B52 taking off. Currently experimenting with an eBow, various expensive valve amps, Fender Telecaster and laboratory rabbits. Now plays bass with the Tramms.

chambers Carl Chambers - Wesley Methodist Tractor. More Hooky than Peter Hook. Bass wielding, motorcycling, Carl was responsible for more structural damage than any other member of the Incredible Tractors. Famous in Tythegston, Dan y Graig and Bayswater for his taste in trousers, Carl now runs an ill-considered mail order puppy business in the City of London. Sound: loud, flanging boom blast. Thought of virtual band cartoons before Gorillaz. Fair enough, everybody thought of it before them.

thomas Richard Thomas - Herman Being. more commonly known as Richard Traitor due to his joining Lepton Shoddy and abandoning the fellow band members to certain death (well it's true, eventually). Richard was the Julian Cope of the Tractors. Only because of the silly outfits, of course. Sound: most famous for applying a Braun shaver to the pick-ups of "the bitch" during any chorus. Now sponsored by Phillishave.

morganPeter Morgan - PTFE Bzzp. clearly the most fabulous member of the group, Peter struggled to subdue his immense talent so that the others would not feel embarassed at their foolhardy incompetence. Peter is currently building a moon rocket powered by sine wave generators. Sound: complex, basically all the catchy, good bits.

beaverstock Kevin Beaverstock - Ford Tractor. David Byrne, but younger. Capable of speaking many languages including wine buff, Kevin has been an Albanian Secret Service deep cover agent for many years and is still waiting for Radio Tirana to give the key phrase so that he can shoot Harold Macmillan. Sound: slide guitar and twangy stuff.

Kevin previously playing in
Belleville, a Django inspired jazz band, basesd in Exeter now in the popular and lively deTor.
kevin beaverstock

Bosley Tonka - Mr Tonka, manager of the Incredible Tractors for many years, has communicated with the creator of this website via his personal assistant Adam Phillips. "If you show a picture of me you'll regret it. You slags."