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Flabdominal changed their name to The Trams, and not Dr Strangeglove (thanks Simon).

The oozing grooves of Flabdominal have overwhelmed you in a sea of guitar janglement and must now retire.

Flabdominal, the latest Nottage/Newton supergroup, recently finished recording their first track courtesy of Ed Rees. There’s a copy on the downloads pages, just a rough first mixdown. You can also press play on the waveform thing at the base of this page to hear it immediately. Tim Williams recently released from Bangkok state prison No. 23 is now providing a percussive jamboree.
Flabdominal at rest

Guitars: Adrian Boyles (Adrian also plays with theHitmenBand a talented function band based in Wales), Simon Griffiths, Edward Griffiths (Simon’s evil twin brother)
Bass: David McCormack
Drums: Tim Williams
Vocals: Adrian Boyles

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